๐Ÿ’ฅProof of Hold (PoH)

SolareumChain holders above a discretionary threshold can be considered as part of the Proof of Hold algorithm as a form of auto-staking for consensus. That is, there exists N SRM in rewards as part of Proof of Hold for which of n โˆˆ N holders which meet the threshold of relevancy k โˆˆ N where วซ < k < n, then the union of all threshold relevant holders is the following time-parameterized set, where t โˆˆ [t0, t1] provides a time-sampling interval with well-ordering of t0 < t1,


for which

and furthermore,

Thus, over changing time intervals per block, the Proof of Hold rewarder function will update throughout all intervals where [tlโˆ’1, tl ] runs over indices relevant for partitioning T โˆˆ T , where l โˆˆ N determines the cardinality of the partition of time intervals.

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