SolareumChain Transaction Validation Caching

SolareumChain transaction validation caching is a process whereby a SolareumChain node validates transactions as they are added to the nodeโ€™s mempool and marks them as validated. When a previously validated transaction appears in a new block, the node need not re-validate the transaction. Transaction validation caching is compatible with signature aggregation across multiple transactions in a block. To see why, consider a node that receives a new block containing an aggregate signature aggregated over n transactions in the block. The node can identify all the transactions in this new block that are already marked as validated in its mempool, and divide by the signatures associated with these pre-validated transactions. Effectively, the pre-validated signatures are removed from the aggregate signature. Now the node need only check that the resulting aggregate signature is a valid aggregate signature over the remaining transactions in the block, namely those transactions that are not already in its mempool.

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