BLS Signature Aggregation

Imagine youโ€™re sending a package through the mail, and you need several people to sign the delivery confirmation. In the world of blockchain transactions, signatures work similarly. When you make a secure transaction, you often need a digital signature to prove itโ€™s really you and that the transaction is valid.

BLS signature aggregation is like having a secure stamp that represents all the signatures you need on that package. Instead of collecting individual signatures from each person, you can combine them into one powerful signature. This is not only significantly faster but also reduces byte size, making things more efficient.

Effectively, Solareumโ€™s BLS Signature Aggregation simply means we have found a clever way to make transactions faster, more efficient, and ultra-secure by bundling all the necessary signatures together into one. Therefore, TPS is significantly impacted and Solareum will perform optimally.

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