🍱Distributed Ledger Technology Energy Sustainability

SolareumChain’s cutting-edge PoG/PoH hybrid consensus will revolutionize the blockchain landscape by delivering significant energy savings. Our technology leads the way in sustainable distributed blockchain solutions and will set the new standard for eco-conscious blockchain enthusiasts and enterprises alike.

While Bitcoin’s PoW algorithm demands significant energy consumption for each block, SolareumChain’s efficient operation during a single block cycle showcases the remarkable difference in energy conservation. Tomorrow’s technology, today!

The difference saved from the operation of SolareumChain during one block compared to the energy consumption required by the PoW algorithm of the Bitcoin network provides an initial comparison of the energy savings caused by SolareumChain PoH / PoG hybrid consensus.

E=BitcoinPoWSolareumPoG∆E = Bitcoin_{PoW} − Solareum_{PoG}

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