๐ŸŽฑSolareumChain Genesis Architecture

After a genesis block creates the initial SolareumChain block, referred to as B0, which consists of a sole transaction of the first generated Null address executing a Falcon signature for which all SolareumChain native token (SRM) exist as transferred into the next block under which they begin providing the rewards to participants of Proof of Hold (PoH) and Proof of Generation (PoG) as per their respective algorithms. That is, the address 0x000000000000000000 generates a private key through a Falcon signature, for which there is an immediately burned OTP (one-time pad) self-execution that mints all SRM and then destroys access to the null address private key after the B0 โ†’ B1 transaction mapping occurs, as the first block for which Proof of Hold accrues to be paid out at the end of the first block in confirmation leading to the B1 โ†’ B2 transaction mapping and requires Proof of Generation occuring with at least three validators solving the Byzantine General problem for minimum 2/3 consensus to progress to the next block as is ongoing required by SolareumChain. That is, energy generation validators which compute the initial history of

IN : 0x000000000000000000[XSRM]

OUT : 0x000000000000000P oH[XSRM โˆ’ PoH] OUT : 0x000000000000000P oG[XSRM โˆ’ PoG]

where X - PoH - PoG is the amount of potentially bridgeable SRM (ERC-20) tokens from Ethereum Mainnet.

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