๐ŸŒ‰SolareumChain Bridge

A SolareumChain Bridge will operate to connect other EVM compatible L2 networks and ETH L1 with SolareumChain through a bridge which can wrap SolareumChain L1 tokens sent to EVM compatible blockchains, and can also allow for unwrapping of ERC-20 wrapped SRM which through an LP removal and pause function will migrate the existing SRM (ERC-20) to SRM (SolareumChain L1) and force users to interact with the SolareumChain Alt L1 as opposed to the Ethereum Mainnet L1. As bridge security is of utmost importance, the verification checks regarding bridged tokens from SolareumChain to other EVM compatible networks or Ethereum Mainnet are sufficient through including a zk-SNARK of the proposed transfer tokens Merkle Tree with a root test of prior transitively verified history. Conversely, bridges tokens from Ethereum Mainnet or other EVM compatible networks requires a checksum on the total remaining non-bridged tokens relative to total supply for a one-way function with speed. That is to say, bridging onto SolareumChain requires less computationally intensive effort than to bridge off of SolareumChain. The possibility for a one-way bridge only onto SolareumChain for which there is no exit may also be considered under alternative security and computational intensity reduction models.

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