๐Ÿ”‹Energy Correlation Assurance Functions

Solareums innovative technology guarantees precision in energy correlation, enhancing our blockchains reliability and performance. SolareumChain is very well equipped for a future of seamless renewable-energy blockchain management, driven by our very advanced assurance functions.

Let there be an energy correlation assurance function

A:E(t)โ†’0,1A : E(t) โ†’ {0, 1}

which checks at a time

tโˆˆ[t0,tV(t)]t โˆˆ [t_0, t_{V (t)}]

that the energy generation claimed by a validator corresponds to electron flow which was not recycled through an anti-islanding feature of the ongoing flow corresponding to generation. That is, if there were to be a spoofed claim of electricity generation which was in surplus of the energy actually generated, the energy correlation assurance function would then sort the alleged energy validator as rejected if

A(Ei(t))=0,A(E_i(t)) = 0,

whereas it would be accepted if

A(Ei(t))=1,A(E_i(t)) = 1,

thus acting as a characteristic function at time

tโˆˆT,t:[0,V(t)]โ†’0,1t โˆˆ T ,t : [0, V (t)] โ†’ {0, 1}

which is isomorphic to the energy correlation assurance function A, that is,

where โˆผ= is an isomorphism in the category of binary output functions, thus allowing for the equivalence condition

A(Ei(t))=ฯ‡ti(E(ti)).A(E_i(t)) = ฯ‡_{ti} (E(t_i)).

All characteristic function applications indexed across all times t โˆˆ T and validators E(ti) forms a matrix.

Therefore, simplified matrix notation

Eclaimed(t)โ‹…ฯ‡t=Everified(t),E_{claimed}(t) ยท ฯ‡_t = E_{verified}(t),

allowing for the verified Energy generators approved through not being zeroed out by the characteristic function and for spoofed Energy generators to be zero. Non-zero characteristic function outputs

Everifiedโ‰ 0E_{verified} \neq 0

corresponding to a verified proof of electron flow which is not double counted. Similarly to the double spend problem solved by BTC, the double counted electron problem is solved as a main architectural basis of SolareumChain Proof of Generation.

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