๐ŸงŠSolareum Proof of Generation

SolareumChain L1 is ushering in a new era of innovation with Proof of Generation (PoG) at its core. This ground-breaking achievement relies on advanced integrations that precisely track electron flow and correlates it with energy generation. By ensuring local generation aligns with this electron flow, we guarantee the emergence of fresh energy resources.

Data collection is seamless and reliable thanks to our approved third-party hardware solutions, including smart sensors and the FPGA hardware running the Solareum algorithmic software. These components work together to optimize SolareumChain L1 by processing data only after it has undergone meticulous computation and validation.

To bolster the security of our Proof of Generation (PoG) on-chain reports, we will employ the robust BLS12-381 elliptic curve with 128-bit security for zk-SNARK proof reporting. This cryptographic framework substantiates the authenticity of energy generation data, ensuring the utmost trustworthiness in our energy generation records.

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